The duo inspired in the Hill Country Blues and formed in Marbella (Andalusia, Spain) arises from the common interest in this style shared by Nacho Mena (Hot Nasho), guitarist and vocalist, and Patricia Cumplido (HF Pat), on drums.

Hot Nasho, who is known for his musical work as One Man Band (Hot Nasho and Himself Orchestra) and recognized Blues artist in Spain, asked HF Pat to accompany him on some of his shows with the washboard, where they would perform songs of american roots like Blues, Swing or Ragtime in addition to the Hot Nasho’s original compositions. At the same time, Patricia was studying drums and they soon set out to focus their style on this Blues style which was born in the hills of North Mississippi area.

His first work was released in 2019 under the name “4000 Miles From Mississippi” (Lolita’s Records), recorded live in his own studio on a four tracks recorder in a couple of days sessions, and which includes 6 original pieces, from the furious rhythm of “The Forgotten War”, passing through the hypnotic “Don’t Leave me Darling” to the cheerful and sweet “Little Memphis Jump”, not far away from this genre. Later, in 2020 they released the single “On the Profane side“, a deep tribute to the Hill Country Blues musician Robert “Wolfman” Belfour, also including two versions of him, “Pushin’ my Luck” and “Breaking my Heart”.

They are currently working on a new release where new compositions are adopting a more personal character, that although having Hill Country Blues as a musical concept, other influences can be noticed that provide new sounds and textures to their songs.

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