Antequera suena a Blues

El pasado 1 agosto tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en el 30 aniversario del Antequera Blues Festival, el cual se reinventó para la ocasión y donde presentamos nuestras canciones originales basadas en el Hill Country Blues. Algunos de los temas que aparecen puedes encontrarlo en nuestro EP “4000 Miles from Mississippi” disponible para descarga digital en:…/4000-miles-from-m…

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Last August 1st we had the opportunity to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Antequera Blues Festival, which reinvented itself for the occasion and where we performed our original songs based on Hill Country Blues. Some of the tunes that appear in this video can be found in our EP “4000 Miles from Mississippi” available for digital download at:

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4000 Miles From Mississippi

“4000 miles from Mississippi” (Lolita´s Records, 2019) is the debut album of the Hill Country Blues duo The Hill Frequencies. The band, made up by Hot Nasho (guitar and vocals) and HF Pat (drums), sets their musical interests in the Blues born in the North Mississippi´s hills, which its beginnings with fife and drums bands and which Mississippi Fred McDowell adapted to the guitar later.
From here, it can be considered that musicians like R.L Burnside and Junior Kimbrough are the artists who took this style to the top and their respective families, children and grandchildren, are currently doing to maintain this musical tradition.
There are few Blues musicians in Spain who dedicate their entire repertoire to Hill Country Blues. This album, with 6 original songs, is committed to capturing this essence by providing details that may contribute to the dissemination of this musical style that today is on the rise with names such as Cedric Burnside, RL Boyce, Kenny Brown or North Mississippi Alstars , treating the genre with respect and faithful to their way of interpreting it.
Not only does it mean a debut album for The Hill Frequencies, it also expands the Blues catalog in Spain for those who show their interest in this musical tradition born in North America and that has reached the whole world thanks to legends like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters or BB King.
The Hill Frequencies pay tribute to lesser-known musicians, but who are equally necessary to know the history of the Blues, such as, apart from those already mentioned, the flutist Otha Turner, guitarists such as Rannie Burnette, Jessie Mae Hemphill or Robert Belfour and drumers such as Calvin Jackson and Kenney Kimbrough. This ones, which defined the drums rhythmic patterns characteristic of Hill Country Blues style

4000 miles from Mississippi it´s only the concept that distance is not a barrier to connect with this musical tradition and the Blues culture.

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