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They couldn’t imagine that, when Patri met Nacho in 2015 at one of his shows as “one man band”, that it would shape the path they would take personally and artistically.

Patri was going through a difficult personal situation which drove her to focus on music to get over it, and Nacho showed up as the perfect guitar teacher.

On the other hand, Nacho was going through a similar hard time as well. He had just released his second album and needed some promo pictures. As luck would have it, Patri had experience as a photographer, specializing in artistic portrait photography.

Because of this, they started a friendship, supporting each other, but also became a couple in time.

As it turns out, guitar was not the instrument for Patri, so she started to learn the drums. She began to accompany Nacho at his shows and it soon became her passion, as well as “Hill Country Blues”, which was the music that inspired her to learn to play the drums.

After a few years spending their time together, they considered the idea of creating a Blues Duo which would be based on this genre which was born in Northern Mississippi, (also called “Hypnotic Boogie”.) This music is currently gaining popularity thanks to the original artists’ descendents (Cedric Burnside, Trenton Ayers, Cam Kimbrough, Sharde Thomas…)

Nacho was already well known as a one man band within the Blues artists from Spain, being recognized in the book “Todo Blues”. But he decided to bet on “The Hill Frequencies” as his main musical endeavour.

Their current set list is mainly original tunes based on the North Mississippi Blues, but also, a brilliant selection of blues classics. Songs by artists like Mississippi Fred McDowell, R.L Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Robert Belfour, Charles Caldwell…

With their album debut “4000 miles from Mississippi”, they made a place for themselves garnering great reviews from specialized musical press and the independent music sector.

Participating in the RN3 program from Ángel Lobo, “El Saltamontes” ( focused on american roots music) and performed in emblematics places of this genre in Spain as “La Coquette” in Madrid or Antequera Blues Festival, one of the oldest in this country.

In 2020 they released a digital single, “On the profane side”, as homage to one of their Blues heroes, Robert Belfour.

Afterwards, they contacted an American musician and sound engineer, Tone Catalano (Little Hurricane) who would release their next album “Routine Break” as producer for his label in San Diego (CA) Death Valley Records, in July 2022.

«The Hill Frequencies» adopt ideas and values beyond their artistic capacity. Their music is born from their environment, just like with the North Mississippi Blues, and helping to put on the map, in Spain, a style whose artists and songs have been essential for the Blues growth and which didn’t receive much recognition in the past as other styles of this genre such as Delta or Chicago Blues.

And above all, love, trust, respect and the fight for equality in a musical genre and instrument not very common among women, which luckily today is growing, motivating and inspiring many more of them.